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by carter-admin 22 Jul 2019

The need for specialized, high performing systems that can handle the biggest sanitary collection challenges has led to a widespread adoption of pneumatic ejectors. The mechanism of a pneumatic ejector itself is very simple, but also very reliable. It consists of a receiver which allows liquids and solids to enter freely, ans when the receiver is filled, the contents are displaced using compressed air to push it up to a higher discharge line. This mechanism is what makes the pneumatic ejector so ideal for applications such as moving sewage containing solids upwards in areas where the underground pipes are in places of low elevation, but still need to be transported along. Here are the top reasons why you should use pneumatic ejectors and control systems in your industrial applications.

They Work On A Simple Mechanism

As pneumatic ejectors are very simple in terms of the mechanism, they are highly suitable for automatic control systems. No mechanical parts are involved in the actual pumping of the material, so there are no practical limitations.

They Are Extremely Reliable

As there are few materials used in pneumatic ejectors, and no mechanical parts, there is a very low risk of the mechanism breaking down due to mechanical or material issues. This is good news especially as it also means they require less maintenance, thus reducing your company’s day-to-day workload.

They Are Very Efficient

Under normal flow conditions, the equipment is designed to operate in a one minute cycle. The cycle consists of two phases: first, the receiver is filled, and then the contents are discharged. Operation is fully automatic, and you also have a choice of electrical or mechanical control systems.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

The equipment works with air, which is provided in unlimited supply by the atmosphere. It compresses the air, and can therefore easily store large volumes of air at once. Not only is compressed air easily transported through pipes, but it can also be released directly into the atmosphere without needing to be processed or treated.

They Are Safe

Even in inflammable environments or working with sensitive substances with risk of explosion, pneumatic systems can be used with no problems. As long as there are no electromotive components, there is no risk of overheating when overloaded, hence less risk of a fire hazard.

They Are Cost-Effective

As pneumatic systems are relatively inexpensive, due to the lack of parts and the use of air in its processes, it becomes a very economical tool. The fact that they require little maintenance also helps to significantly lower the associated costs of using this equipment.

The installation of a pneumatic ejector and control system is a task best handled by experts in the field, of which Carter Pump certainly ranks among the top. We have over 75 years of experience in this industry, and have installed numerous pneumatic ejectors.  Feel free to contact us for a consultation, where we can recommend you the best equipment for your uses, and we can also offer customization for your specifications.