The control of the ball float pneumatic sewage ejector is entirely mechanical. The ejector is equipped with a mechanical ball float ejection control mechanism consisting of a single bronze piston air valve with an integrated pilot valve mounted on top of the cover of the sewage receiver pot. The valves are actuated by a rod and float assembly with an 11-1/2” diameter, type 316 stainless steel ball float capable of withstanding a minimum pressure of 200 PSI. The rise and fall of the liquid in the receiver will cause the float to lift or lower on a stainless steel float rod and trip lever of the control valve. The float rod is a minimum of 3/8 inches in diameter, 316 stainless steel and the float rod stops are bronze and have stainless steel set screws. The receiver has a steel lid with a threaded float rod gland. The float rod gland is made of bronze with a bushing of micarta impregnated with graphite. The control valve is mounted on the sewage receiver lid.